User Experience design is a process of providing relevant and meaningful experience to the users.  It not only limits to screen but to every daily life objects and services too. A good UX helps in the increase of user interaction and retention, which in my opinion is any UX Designer’s most prized possession.

When starting out with your journey as a UX Design, there will always be a question: How do I get started in designing proper UX, what should I keep in mind while starting out as a UX designer. Whether you are just starting out or have been designing for years, there is one thing that you need to constantly follow, the principles for UX Design. To ensure your products have focused usability, and enhance your user’s experience follow your design these top three design principles.

User Centered

The goal of any business is to make your customers happy, likewise, the goal of any application is to make your users happy. One of the most important principles of all in UX Design is to make your product user-centered. Being a designer, it is important to focus on your users; their goals, frustrations, needs, and motivations. This aspect helps in the creation of a focused user persona, which will be used throughout the design sprint.


Keep yourself consistent and one day you will reach your goal. I don’t know who said that earlier but right now that is the first thing that came to my mind. Consistency is key to keeping your users engaged, without it, you will throw your users away. However, consistency is not using the same thing all over the place, that just means being monotonous, and trust me you would not want to go in that direction. Consistency means understanding the UX and UI patterns and making them seamlessly blend together. For example, if you use a “bag” icon and have a label cart in it would not make sense even though the intention is the same. That just tells the users that something is wrong with the product. This is why keeping your UX and UI consistent is important, it helps in building the trust you desire within the application.


You might of heard of a Focused Group while stepping your foot in UX Design. That usually means a group of users you are supposed to target with highest priority. I have seen new designers leaving out the personas of users other than the focused group. Users are the important aspect of a User Experience, after all the experience is supposed to be for the Users, not just the Focused Users otherwise it would be called FOCUSED USER EXPERIENCE. Your users can be anyone, a normal person, a tech savvy person, a person whose first app used is yours, a blind person or even a person who is just landed to your site by accident. Now it is not possible to make it perfect for everyone at the same time, however we can focus on making it easier to use for everyone. For example, making your call to action button visually appealing and visible in your application. This is a small detail that you can do to make your application more accessible, this does not require you to read details about your focused group or others but will increase you user experience points exponentially.

As a User Experience Designer, your job is to make things so easy to use, find and view that it solves a real problem. As your journey begins, you will come across other principles of UX Design which is also as important as these three, but these are the fundamentals for you to remember and get started with. As I progress with my blogging journey, I will cover more distinct topics and share my experience in hopes to solve your, the reader’s problems.

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