“Umm. There’s a bit of ‘Learning Curve’ there”.

These words, when used by a client, really mean “We expect the users to get used to the way we have designed our product”.

But lets face it. Nobody likes going back to school. Users (all of us, really) are fundamentally lazy. They expect learning curves to be less steep, rather completely absent, when they use any app for the first time.

There are two types of apps based on the way user interacts with them.

1] Lean Forward apps – Where user is supposed to actively take part in the function of the application such as typing out a post on Facebook, or killing pigs in Angry Birds.

2] Lean Backward Apps – Where user is a passive recipient of the content the app brings along, occasionally taking active part such as playing videos on Youtube, listening to music  or a podcast.

Both Netflix…

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