Top 7 reasons why your startup needs UX

Having a designer who makes good-looking user interfaces for the web or the mobile is not enough anymore.

What you need is a design strategy that is consistent across various channels and guides you in taking decisions in future.

To come up with good design strategy, you need to understand your users at a much deeper level.

You need to understand their needs and wants; what they think and feel about the problem that you intend to solve; what are their drives, blocks and mental models; what a particular functionality of your product would mean to them and what kind of difference it would make for them.

This needs quite a bit of research to be done which can be time-consuming but it is worth the investment.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you need UX

  • Creating an identity
    Your product needs an identity so that it can be distinctly identified against the hundreds of thousands out there. The aim is to occupy space in the minds of people and you can do it only by proper research.
  • Usability
    Your product design should be user-centric and derived from the understanding you gain by actively involving users. It should be easy to learn and remember, consistent and reduce workload of the users. It can be visually appealing and fun to use.
  • User engagement and loyalty
    Your users need to keep using your product. Only building a product that is usable is not enough. You need users to keep coming back to your product and using it. In over a million apps that are available on app stores today it is very difficult to keep your users hooked on.
  • Multiplicity
    Your users should promote your product. They should not only love your product but also promote it to their colleagues, friends and families. This would bring in the numbers exponentially.
  • Avoiding mistakes
    You can’t afford to go wrong. By truly understanding the users, you can avoid mistakes you probably have to come back and fix. This will also save a lot of money that you would spend changing or rebuilding parts of your product.
  • Boost confidence
    Having a well-designed product boosts confidence. When you see your product meeting all user requirements and also getting users excited about using it, you know that you’ve got it all covered. This will definitely boost your confidence when speaking to potential customers and investors.
  • Getting investment
    Having a well-designed product also reduces the risk of failing. Investors would definitely like to bet on a well-designed product.

You need a hacker, a hustler and a designer to make a successful startup. Having a good UX designer or a UX consultant will help you make all the difference and cut through the odds.

UX will not only help you get to the top but also keep you there!

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These words, when used by a client, really mean “We expect the users to get used to the way we have designed our product”.

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There are two types of apps based on the way user interacts with them.

1] Lean Forward apps – Where user is supposed to actively take part in the function of the application such as typing out a post on Facebook, or killing pigs in Angry Birds.

2] Lean Backward Apps – Where user is a passive recipient of the content the app brings along, occasionally taking active part such as playing videos on Youtube, listening to music  or a podcast.

Both Netflix…

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